If I were in first class during this incident, I would have asked the First Sargeant if I may rent his dress blues strictly for the duration of the flight with a solid guarantee of not so much as breathing on them, let alone disrespecting them. Assuming he agreed, I would then have asked the flight attendant to hang… » 10/10/14 7:07pm 10/10/14 7:07pm

Anything and everything identified strictly by letters and numbers in any quasi-random configuration. If your child's Speak & Spell™ can't say it coherently, it needs to be renamed. Yes, that includes your beloved 240Z. Model trim/performance level variants are permitted, such as Civic Si. Co-named vehicles are,… » 10/10/14 6:53pm 10/10/14 6:53pm

Great. Now when the neighborhood mutt runs out from between parked cars right when I can't see him, not only do I have to have the bumper repaired and the underside... err... de-dogged, I have to cough up for a new set of three - count 'em, three - new airbags. Oh, and that bumper is now much more expensive than the… » 10/02/14 8:30pm 10/02/14 8:30pm